~No Consultation Or Set-Up Fee’s & NO Hidden Charges~

The initial comprehensive blood test is $285 which is credited back to your account if you sign up for a one year program.  Our comprehensive blood panel checks your hormones, thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, hypothalamus, kidneys, prostate, lipids,testicular function, electrolytes, and nutritional status.  Most others will not administer such a comprehensive panel.  I believe this test is necessary in order to obtain an complete picture of your system.  Many of the symptoms of low t could be attributed to or worsened by problems elswhere.  I believe it’s wreckless not to get a complete picture of what’s going on in your body prior to initiating a very serious and complicated treatment regimen.

$199/Month Concierge Treatment Program

Program Covers:

  • Doctor Consultation and Physical
  • Unlimited access to your Physician
  • All subsequent office visits
  • All subsequent blood testing
  • All Medications Prescribed by Physician (Testosterone, HCG and Anastrozole)
  • All Medical Supplies
  • All Shipping Charges
  • Ongoing nutritional and exercise advice

All-Inclusive Treatment Program:

Are you one of the many men who are looking for an inexpensive no hassle solution to Low Testosterone Treatment? LowTestostrone.com provides an easy to understand, All-Inclusive treatment program that provides access to the most comprehensive and advanced testosterone treatments available today! Our clients have reported that many doctors and clinics will advertise a low price treatment program only to find that the program is either very basic or only provides minimal blood testing and medication. Or they learn that the programs are full of hidden fees and up charges such as additional medication or more comprehensive lab work!

LowTestosterone.com not only provides our clients with access to world-class comprehensive treatment and the finest physicians, but do this at the lowest possible price. Our experience and reputation in this industry has given us the ability to forge strong relationships with large pharmacies, laboratories, health care networks, and other industry experts, which have all pre-negotiated with us to give you the absolute best possible prices for their products and services. These pre-negotiated prices and services are 100% passed directly on to our clients. In many cases, our clients will pay FAR LESS for medication and services than other leading clinics or doctors. We do this as part of our service to the client and our commitment to seeing them succeed while on their journey to restored health.

*Please note that Testosterone Therapy is a delicate process and clients will have a customized treatment schedule based on their particular needs.

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