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1. Take ADAM Survey

For testosterone patients

To begin the process, we ask that you take a simple survey (PDF) for initial screening. Under the survey is a scoring system – any positive answers to questions 1 OR 7 indicates a suspicion for Low T.   Additionally, positive answers to ANY 3 ,or more, questions indicates a suspicion for Low T.  If your ADAM survey results indicate suspicion for Low T, then please call us for a phone consultation and lab testing instructions.  Please print the ADAM survey and bring it with you to your first appointment.

Take ADAM questionnaire

2. Phone Consultation

Call us at 213-595-8122 for a phone consultation with our medical director.  He will ask you a few questions regarding your health and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

3. Get Tested

After your phone consultation, you may make a payment below for the initial comprehensive blood panel.  All follow up lab tests are included in the program at no extra charge.  Our lab will contact you to set up an appointment to get tested.  Forget about driving to the lab and waiting in lines.  With Pacific Longevity, a phlebotomist will come to you at your desired time and place!  They can come to your home or office Monday – Saturday as early as 6:30 am.  Pacific Longevity defines concierge service.

Initial Lab Work – $350

This fee covers all of the initial tests needed to qualify you for this treatment program and much more.  This is not the skimpy blood test you’d likely receive at ‘testosterone clinics.’  Instead, this lab test provides a much more complete picture of your overall health.

We believe it is extremely irresponsible to start testosterone therapy without ruling out other factors which may mimic low T or contribute to your symptoms.  Additionally, our comprehensive lab test allows our medical director to design your custom protocol much more effectively and safely.

Here is what is tested at one of the biggest ‘testosterone clinic’ corporations in the US:  testosterone, CBC, CMP, PSA, LH, FSH.  They don’t even test estradiol!

At another ‘testosterone clinic’ chain, they only test testosterone!  I’m not sure how the medical board hasn’t shut that chain down by now.

Here is what is tested at Pacific Longevity:  Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, Bioavailable Testosterone, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), CBC, CMP, PSA, LH, FSH, Estradiol, Cortisol, CRP, TSH, Free T3, Free T4, TPO, IGF-1, Lipid Panel, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.  We do not operate like a testosterone clinic by treating only your low testosterone. Our medical director will do his best to improve your overall health; this test will help him achieve his directive, optimizing your health.  It has also uncovered some very serious medical conditions in a few otherwise unknowing patients.

Our comprehensive panel, with several specialized tests, can cost as much as $3,000 (not a typo)! However, Pacific Longevity has arranged special pricing with our contracted laboratory; and we have passed the savings to our patients.

We understand that the $350 (For Testosterone and Female Comprehensive) or $275 (for thyroid panel) may scare some patients away.  We could simplify this exam (by a LOT!) and charge much less; which could possibly help Pacific Longevity obtain more patients. However, we want to help you become healthier and happier people through responsible and thorough medicine.  We try to keep costs as low as possible, but our medical director won’t compromise good medicine in order to fatten up the bottom line.

4. Start Your Program

Once your lab results are ready, our medical director will review your lab results over the telephone with you. He will go over your treatment options as well as give recommendations based on a brief history and your lab results.  We will then set up an office appointment for a full one hour consultation to thoroughly discuss your treatment plan, personal goals, fitness regimen, nutrition, and any other concerns you may have. We look forward to meeting you!

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