Patient Testimonials of Dr. Kim and Pacific Longevity


Dr. Kim and Pacific Longevity love hearing what our patients have to say about us. Here are our Yelp reviews and thank you letters sent to Dr. Kim from some of our awesome patients. With private letters, we will always ask the patient for their permission before posting the letter on this page.

Thank You Letters

Hello Dr. Kim,

Thank you so much for your outstanding care. It’s honestly hard to believe the amount of work you’ve put into my case. I know it is an extremely difficult one. As you already know, I’ve been to many different doctors regarding my conditions and none of them ever even came close to all that you’ve done for me. It’s great knowing that there are still good doctors out there who practice medicine as healers. It was dreadful in the past trying to get more from my doctors. Many of them made it clear that I was a nuissance and none of them ever put a moment into my case other than when I was right there in front of them. I’ve never felt like that when speaking to you. And it was always obvious that you put a lot of effort into my case.

I’m feeling so much better nowadays.  It’s obvious to everybody how much I’ve improved physically. But, most importantly, it’s the mental and psychological changes I am most grateful for. I’m no longer anxious, depressed, moody and isolating myself from the world. I have reformed bonds with my family and friends. My grandkids even told me they love me for the first time! You literally gave me my life back when no other doctor could or would. Dr. Kim, from the bottom of my heart and from my entire family, Thank You.


Dear Dr. Kim,

My name is xxxx. I’m xxxx’s wife. I would like to thank you for all of the help you’ve been giving xxxx. You’ve made such a tremendous difference in his and our lives. I don’t know if he’s told you this, but we had been separated for a month before he came to you. We are now back together and are actually in love again.

He’s no longer yelling and blaming me for everything that goes wrong in his life. He’s such a different person now, I pray every day that it doesn’t end. He seems so much more calm and has self confidence for the first time in SEVERAL years. Maybe even more than when we first met. The youtube video of you explaining your own story really struck a chord with xxxx. I think that’s why he decided to go to you. We both could not be happier with his choice. I hope to meet you one day. But until that day, please accept my sincere gratitude for saving our marriage.

Warmest regards,

 Yelp Reviews

my daughter is going to Pacific Longevity for glutathione skin whitening ?, cool-sculpting, and sermorelin. we were talking over dinner and the topic of testosterone came up. i had been really tired, out of shape, moody and my libido was pretty much gone.  i wasn’t always like that, but after getting promoted at work, i don’t have energy to go exercise and have been so stressed.

so my daughter recommended Dr. Kim because he’s been helping her with her weight.  she’s gotten amazing results and gave him her highest endorsement.

wow, am i glad i listened to her advice.  he’s been extremely helpful.  i feel like a totally different person. i may feel better then I ever have in my life!  the only bad thing is that i don’t know what exactly is causing this change.  i have been on  testosterone replacement therapy, glutathione and sermorelin.  on top of that i’m eating healthy for the first time in my life and exercising in a totally different manner than ever before thanks to Dr. Kim.

I asked Dr. Kim what he thinks is causing such a transformation in me and he said it’s 90% my own efforts and dedication and only 10% his doing.  Wow! I was NOT expecting that answer!  I’m sure he doesn’t totally believe that, but I think he says that to encourage me to continue the healthy changes i’ve made in my life. what doctor would defer credit and give it all to the patient?  not any doctor i’ve ever met before.

anyways, I’m so happy i found Dr. Kim.  finding him was one of the luckiest things that ever happened to me.  Thanks Dr. Kim! Wendy says thank you too!!  Oh yeah, my wife says a huge thank you as well!  See you next Tuesday!

My friend told me about how HIV can mess up your testosterone.  After learning more about low testosterone, I contacted Dr. Kim for an appointment because his prices seemed low and his office is walking distance from me. I instantly felt comfortable when I met Dr. Kim. He is very friendly, easy to talk to.. There’s just something about him. Definitely does not suffer the holier than thou attitude too many doctors have. He explained the process and educated me about HIVs effects on testosterone and estrogen. Oh yeah, my estrogen was way high!  LOL!

Anyways, in only a couple weeks, started feeling better.  I’m about 3 months in and I cannot believe the difference getting my hormones right has had on my whole life. Energy, libido, erection quality, confidence and sleep have all gotten much better. Also, I have not gotten results like I’m getting now ever.  My abs are even starting to show!  Honestly, never thought that would ever happen. He is very detailed about his exercise and diet advice.  AMAZING results!!  Oh yeah, he was even cool enough to meet me at 24hr fitness in WEHO to hook me up with some workout tips in person.  Squats and deadlifts.  I think he may be a little overly enthusiastic about these exercises, but I won’t argue with the results.

His testosterone transformation program is crazy awesome! I’m at the gym, got a question about how many reps, text him, get instant answer!  Forget about when to take my protein shake?  Email, answered the same day!  I just don’t understand how he can charge so little and keep up with all the questions. Anyways guys.  If you were interested in the least about losing weight, getting back in shape or low testosterone. Dr. Kim can’t be beat!

Today I had my first consultation with  Dr. Richard Kim. When I spoke to him I had so many questions and concerns regarding my diagnoses. I am a 35 year old male with the testosterone of a 90 year old and honestly I arrived in a very bummed out state of mind. That quickly changed after speaking with him. He was very easy to talk to and confident that in just a matter of weeks with proper treatment I would be feeling drastically better.  Wow was he informative. He had an immediate game plan as to how we would treat me and what was in store for the future of my health and well being . The service that he has offered to provide for me was far beyond what I was expecting. Needless to say when I left I was upbeat and feeling great about my future. To say I am looking forward to starting my treatment is a huge understatement. Thank you Dr. Kim, Lets do this!
My husband went to see Dr. Richard Kim & we were greatly pleased.  He quickly made us feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.  He will explain things as simple or complex as you like.  My husband was advised by another Dr. that he had the testosterone of a 90 year old when he was only 35.  Yikes!  He was working out but not getting results.  His energy was up in one month, in about 2 months you could physically see the results.  Our sex has greatly improved, not to mention my husband has an amazing body right now.  Che-ow!  He is the best hormone replacement therapy Doctor.  I highly recommend him.
KL (ML’s wife)


OMG!!! Dr. Kim is the best!!!! Before my father ever saw Dr. Kim he was depressed, he didn’t want to do anything and just tired all the time. Now my father is happy, getting involved in sports, going out, i even have trouble keeping up with him now. Its like my dad is 20 years old again. I cant thank Dr. Kim enough. My dad has gone to other Drs but no one has gone above and beyond like Dr. Kim. He explains things on a different level. He knows exactly what he’s talking about.  He is literally the best testosterone doctor out there!!!!!! If i could i would put 10 the stars!!!

Dr. Kim is very personable and I was happy to meet a doctor who was a very down to earth person who seems to really know his stuff! He was very flexible. spent a ton of time w/ me and made me feel like he really cared about my overall health and not just the treatment we were discussing. Most of all, he wan’t pushy and I didn’t feel pressured to do anything I wasn’t 100% comfortable with.

I have been on the fence about treating my low t, but since starting hormone replacement, I look and feel way better, which is a huge confidence boost! After years of going to the gym, having a personal trainer and dieting w/ very little weight loss, I’ve lost 20lbs and 5 inches off my waist in 4 months!!! I have more energy and feel more motivated about everything, which is a huge plus! I’m definitely a believer now. More people should know about it.

One of the things that I look for in a medical practitioner is someone who is easy to talk to and takes the time to explain procedures.  Dr. Kim is very thorough and spent an hour with me on my first appointment answering my questions and explaining his various treatment protocols.  I really appreciated his friendly approach and genuine concern for his patients well being.  His office is also very warm and homey, which puts one at ease, not the typical medical office with cold furniture and atmosphere.  I’m quite pleased to have found Dr Kim and his new practice.

I contacted Dr. Richard Kim because I had questions about male infertility. I quickly felt comfortable discussing my situation with him. He was very knowledgeable and provided thorough explanations to my questions. I would recommend Pacific Longevity to anyone. It’s obvious to me that Dr. Kim enjoys helping people.

Dr. Richard Kim has been treating my low testosterone for a few months now and has been extremely helpful in walking me through this process.  My wife and I are trying to get pregnant and Dr. Kim has been very informative in explaining the process.  I had a ton of questions about the treatment process and he was very detailed in explaining things to me.  I’ve looked into other treatment centers and their prices are WAY higher.  I also am seeing results in my work outs at the gym and he has me on a workout, diet and supplement program that has been working for me.  I would highly recommend Pacific Longevity to anyone looking for testosterone therapy and any other fertility treatment.

I also referred a handful of friends over to Pacific Longevity and they have had significant results.  A good friend of mine had been taking naps every day for as long as he could remember and after treatment, he’s been rejuvenated and has way more energy when we play basketball together.

Dr. Richard Kim is the doctor you want on your side. Not only is he very knowledgeable in his field but he makes sure that you are as well knowledgeable in what you are putting into your body and why.  He is caring and an avid learner… In the case that he doesn’t know something be sure that the very next day he will not only be on top of it but ready to teach it… Which is seldom the case as he always knows what he is talking about. I recommend him to the highest degree.

Dr.Kim has me feeling like I was 14 again.  I feel solid for the first time in years.  I have been on his program for about a month and a half.   I have two daughters that I realized I probably wouldn’t be around to see them get married if I continued to be unhealthy, overweight, and depressed.  After starting the program, it took about two weeks until I realized its time to change my life around.  I then hired a nutritionist and joined a gym where I now train 2-4 times a week.  I’m really happy now that I signed up with Dr.Kim.

Dr. Kim is one of the most knowledgeable doctors in his field.  He listens to your needs and answers all your questions. He is very professional and really cares about his patients. I lost over 20 pounds with hime, my skin looks better, I feel great and full of energy; and I’m sleeping so much better.  Glutathione & Sermorelin therapy did wonders for me. I recommend him to all! Thank you Dr. KIm!!!

Ok, i’ll admit it. i’ve gone to a couple weight loss centers looking for a quick fix. like, “hi doc, can you help me lose weight without changing my diet?” guess what? one actually said yes! then they put me on a couple weight loss pills or hcg and tell me to eat less (wait, but i thought i didn’t have to change that. lol). It usually works at the beginning, but the weight always comes back. but looked me in the eye and said straight up, “Kevin, hate to disappoint you, but no that is not possible” he explained to me what i pretty much already knew. weight loss and getting healthy takes hard work and is a lifestyle change, not a pill or eating like a rabbit. he’s educated me so much on healthy eating and clean living. he is totally fine with me enjoying eating out, and doesn’t have me counting calories. but, he has got me to change the foods that are in my house and some of my eating habits. honestly, his caring, non-judgemental and thorough style is what made me stick with his program. he also gave me a blood test and found out i was hypothyroid and my testosterone wasn’t so great. fixed that up with some armour thyroid and the big t, and i’m feeling better than ever! lost 30 pounds in 2 months without starving myself or taking those crack diet pills. Thanks!